You are Just Like Jesus!

Do you know that if you have received Christ as Lord and Savior….

that you… ARE JUST LIKE HIM.

those words mean nothing to the world and unfortunately they mean nothing to so many in the Church, because that is the single truth the enemy has tried to steal from those who are united with God as one In Christ…

Jesus, has made it possible, for us to be just like him. It isn’t something that you will attain at a later date. It is who you are now… right now. You are just like Jesus before he died and was resurrected.

He has dealt with your sin nature. He has placed his Holy Spirit within you… the promise to mankind was Holy Spirit. You have him. When we are raptured, we will then be like the Glorified JESUS CHRIST. You will be just like him when that happens. But for now, we are just like Him before he went to the cross… that is what his cross has done… made you just like JESUS… 1 John 3:1-2

You have the Spirit of the Resurrected Christ, the heir of all things, IN YOU! Be transformed into HIS IMAGE. Forsake everything else.


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