Jesus and Me

Jesus came to make you like Himself. He came to show you how to live a life holy and righteous.

John G Lake wrote, “God has been seeking a habitation a long time. God found a habitation in Jesus Christ, and He became the dwelling place of God.

Christ’s purpose for the world was the men like Himself should become the dwelling place of God. It was not purposed that Jesus Christ was to be a particular or special dwelling place of God. It was rather purposed that mankind should be just as much a holy and desirable dwelling place of God as Jesus HIMSELF was. The purpose of the Gospel of God was that through Jesus Christ His Son many sons should be begotten of God, should be begotten of Christ.

Christ’s undertaking was to save mankind from their sins and transform them into sons of God like Himself. That is the purpose and work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Most of the great Generals of The Gospel of Jesus Christ understand this revelation. The cross of Christ is the work of God in Christ Jesus to judicially remove that which separates men spiritually from God allowing God to impart His own Holy Spirit into the hearts of men thereby uniting them as one with God In Christ. This is the message of the Cross. God has dealt with your sin nature and transferred you into the Kingdom of His Beloved Son by placing his very own Spirit, his very own ETERNAL LIFE, within you making you sons of God.

This one single truth is the key to your victory. It is critical that this be received by personal revelation.


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