To Be Like God, Christ Jesus.

As you read over what I have written to you, you’ll be able to see for yourselves into the mystery of Christ. None of our ancestors understood this. Only in our time has it been made clear by God’s Spirit through his holy apostles and prophets of this new order. The mystery is that people who have never heard of God and those who have heard of him all their lives (what I’ve been calling outsiders and insiders) stand on the same ground before God. They get the same offer, same help, same promises in Christ Jesus. The Message is accessible and welcoming to everyone, across the board.
(Scott’s notes: It is simply not about works (everyone is forgiven, everyone has the same offer, there are no favorites.. everyone is saved if they can receive it. IF they don’t receive it, they cannot be saved and that is the bottom line; however, do not get works and fruit confused. I think that is the problem with the Church, they are using one word for two totally different ideas. What may be works for some trying to earn salvation can be fruit for those who are led by the Spirit of God in them. From now on, when I, Scott, say works, I mean those things leading to salvation… but when I am speaking of that life lead by the finished work of God in Christ Jesus, as by FAITH, I shall use the word fruit. To not distinguish the two can cause fallacy, and using the same words for two differnt thoughts, can cause confusion. IT is about knowing that it is a done deal in Christ Jesus and the my calling is a calling INTO CHRIST and CHRIST INTO ME. That is a higher calling that morality or doing what’s right and not doing what is wrong. IT is a calling to be like GOD and that is the what GRACE has empowered us to be and do. That is simply marvelous.
Further, there is no room for there to be error in this doctrine. It must be clear and concise and that is what I have been asking the Lord: to reveal it to me and be able to articulate it in the easiest way possible, minus religion, minus my own foolishness. We are about to meet Jesus and we have to be able to share the absolute truth with love. If mankind does not meet Jesus in the rapture, they will have to die in tribulation time to receive the glorified body of Christ. IF you do not make the rapture or die during the triublation in the name of Jesus, you will not receive the glorified body of Christ. You will receive in immortal body, but not the glorfied body of Christ. We are the church. Church age will end at the end of Tribulation at second coming. What we have now and what is being offered now is something that will not be offered ever again in eternity. We will live with God glorified to be like God. But, those who go through the 1000 years and into the New Heaven and New Earth will be immortal but not Glorified. This is what this period of Grace has brought to us, who have been chosen at this time. What manner of love… I could write a small book and prove every single bit of this in scripture… but, this is good. This is real good.

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