The Jesus LIFE

Jesus broke the Sabbath laws and he broke the laws concerning the leper. He touched them. Jesus hung out with sinners, which was a violation of the law. In the eyes of the Jews, Jesus was a law breaker. That is one of the reasons why they killed him. And if you look at what Jesus did, you might say that he violated the law. However, it was not a violation of the law that Jesus committed. Jesus was the fulfillment of the law. He was the Sabbath. He was the healer of the leper. The Jews saw Jesus as a law breaker but Jesus was not a law breaker, he was fulfilling the law. So, all this to say, even JESUS, by his own example, shows that the works of the law are futile. He shows us by his own example that HE is the new life that we are to lead by the Spirit and not by the works of the law. It isn’t about us and our effort. It is about HIM and HIS effort. So, stay focused on HIM and your efforts will naturally produce a works that satisfy a life in the Spirit and not one dominated by our self-righteousness or effort. Selah.


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