Parents… teach your Children the Ways of God.

I saw an article about parents who have young children in church… A parent that has their children in church is WHAT YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO DO. Having your children in church or teaching them the ways of GOD is the most vitally important thing that a parent can do raising their children. Regardless of what people may believe, the enemy begins his attack on us when we are children. The enemy begins telling us lies before we begin to know anything. As we grow and begin to understand things, we sometimes believe certain lies. Once the enemy sees which lies we are believing, he will stop telling the lies that we don’t believe and he will begin to magnify the ones that we do believe. Those lies become the foundation of who we are… because we are born with a sin nature, some of us are more susceptible to believing almost any lie of the enemy. Children begin to form the foundation of who they are at a very early age. A parent who teaches their children the ways of God are building the only real foundation of who they really are into those children. As that child grows and becomes more aware of the world around them, a firm foundation that has been instilled in those children will always be with them, regardless of the life they build led by the flesh or the sin nature. However, not all children will stray, or at least not as badly as others may. I know that I formed the foundation of who I thought I was at a very young age. But I had a mother and father who raised me in church. They taught me the things of the Lord, and those things never escaped my mind. As I grew and built a foundation of something or someone different than what I was taught, I became more conformed to the ways of this world. But, what my parents taught me in church and at home never left me. Suddenly, at what most may consider to be middle age, the Holy Spirit of God was able to work within me using that Christian foundation to transform me into the person that I really am IN CHRIST JESUS. If it were not for my parents giving me that foundation, I would probably be dead. I don’t think that I would be where I am today. Parents who keep their kids in church and teach their kids the ways of the Lord, who read to their children and tell their children the stories of the bible, are instilling in those children a foundation that will always be with them. Even if they stray and go off into the world and go buck wild, which I did, what a parent teaches will never be forgotten. And, when it is time, when that child, even as an adult, is ready for Grace and Mercy… God’s Holy Spirit will take that truth that was learned by that child from the parent who taught them about Jesus and will convict and convince unto salvation. If you are praying for your lost children, do not stop. It doesn’t matter how bad it looks or what is going on in their lives, GOD is ABLE. Keep fighting for them in the Spirit. Keep calling unto God to reveal his love. Never stop praying for them. Never give up on them. The type of love that you show should be the same type of love that God has shown us in Christ Jesus. If you have crying babies in church, children who are a little loud… so what. The preacher is not distracted. You are doing what you are OBLIGATED TO DO AS PARENTS… TEACH YOUR CHILDREN THE WAYS OF THE LORD. Because their very lives are shaped by what you are teaching them. You are fighting for the lives of your children. Teaching the ways of GOD… is HOW YOU WIN. I tell you a truth… I lost my mother in 2005. She was 55. She died suddenly. But, my mother’s dying breath was for her children to know God. She was a GODLY Woman… I tell you another truth, what I know today… who I am IN CHRIST JESUS, is not something that I could know on my own. I know that what I have is a direct answer to my mother’s prayers for me, even after she is gone. This is something that may be hard to for some to understand, and that is fine… but what I know today is more valuable that GOLD, it is greater than any treasure that I could find on this earth, and as much as I would love to have my mother here with me… I would not trade the legacy that I have of her, the exemplary life that she left me to have her here. The Lord took her death and used it reveal his love to me. I know now that I will see her again…. Before, I would not have seen her again. I would have been lost. I would be dead. My mother died leaving me a rock solid foundation of love and truth… and my earthly father is the PERFECT EXAMPLE OF MY HEAVENLY FATHER. Parents… never give up on your children. If you have to beat the fire out of them, do it. That is love, too. But one thing is for sure, they will never forget what you have taught them…. TEACH THEM LOVE. TEACH THEM GOD.


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