Does the bible prophecy of Nuclear War? Possibly.  Zechariah 14:12 states, “And this shall be the plague with which the Lord will strike all the peoples that wage war against Jerusalem: their flesh will rot while they are still standing on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths.” This is an tribulation period prophecy. If you believe in the per-tribulation rapture, which is the only thing to believe, then the Church will be raptured away before any of the 21 judgements that will come upon the face of the earth will begin, before the Antichrist is Revealed, and before an Peace Treaty is re-established with Israel. The news headlines speak of how immanent peace is. That proves how close we are to rapture. You don’t want to miss rapture. IF you miss rapture because you refuse to believe what Jesus has done for you by forgiving your sins, then you will either have to die for your belief in him, you will have to martyr your life to see him, to be with him eternally, or you will have to somehow live through the tribulation (7 year period).

Then, if you live through that period, you will see the Second Advent, where Christ returns to Jerusalem, binds satan for a thousand years, and reigns from Jerusalem, the third temple, which is ready to be constructed now. He will return with those who were raptured. Those raptured saints will be glorifed. They will be like Jesus. If you do not make the rapture, you will not be like Jesus. You will still live on the earth, in the natural, but life will be extended to the days like Methusalah, when they lived to be almost a thousand years old. You will rebuild the earth and repopulate the earth. This is the Kingdom Age of which the Jews are looking that will be established. GRACE… God’s grace… is now. He is extending GRACE to you now… just believe… some of the things that people teach to discount grace have nothing to do with this dispensation. They are speaking of a dispensation following this Grace Dispensation. It isn’t wrong, it just isn’t completely correct. Grace has made you free to live… not the way you want to live, but the way Jesus lived. The only way you can do that is by FAITH IN HIM.

The scripture says you are saved by Faith and Not by works. So, all you have to do is receive it. It is that simple. Some who think they are not teaching works doctrines are actually loaded down with works doctrines. You can easily distiguish between a real holiness doctrine and a works doctrine. Holiness is a natural product of who you are in Christ Jesus . The fruits of the Spirit are the natural product of who you are in him. They naturally flow through you. You receive gifts. Gifts are not for you, they are for others to be used on others… Yes. we are born at the right time, man.  God is lavishing his love on us… But any minute, that love will change course and direction, he is going to move his church out of the way and he is going to release 21 judgements that will kill 2/3 of the remaining population. You will be made to believe the lies. You will not be able to buy and sell without a card. You will day if you do not recant the Name Jesus.Give you life to him now. You don’t have to know the words… Just say Jesus, I know  I am a sinner, I confess my sin, I know I am a sinner, I make you the Lord of my life, the master of my life, come into my life, fill me with your holy spirit right now, Jesus…. you are saved and filled with the holy Spirit.

But if you don’t say this prayer, and you wait and you find yourself in the situations that i told you, still say the prayer. The holy Spirit will move into you. But it will be difficult. You must stand your ground. You will more than like have to die for what you believe, and if you do, do it. lay it. Fox’s books of Martyrs tell when the Christians where executed that they would sing as being ripped apart by lions yet they felt no pain…Divine protection. You must make the rapture…That is the bottom line….


3 thoughts on “Tribulation

  1. Amazing! The truth alone that sets us free, Christ is the only God that lays His life down for His follower. We the believers, beg those who are looking for the answer to all hell that’s breaking loose,COME and let the Son of God rescue you. For the time—is NOW!

  2. Reblogged this on Scott Dale and commented:

    I was reading this and the message is simple… You must receive The Lord Jesus Christ as your savior. WHY? Because the Blood of Jesus has made it possible for God to remove the sin nature and replace it with HIMSELF, His Holy Spirit. That is how you are saved when you believe. That is what you are believing when you say YES to JESUS… you are allowing GOD to live in you by means of His Holy Spirit which has been offered through the blood of Jesus freely to all men.

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