Covenant Promise

Do you want to know the bottom line? This is what God has done for you IN CHRIST JESUS. He made a promise to Abraham and his Seed (Jesus) a long time ago. He gave HIS WORD to Abraham. Abraham believed that WORD by Faith. God said that all of Abraham’s seed would be saved by faith, and not by works. Then, he gave the law, which is of course, works. He said, here are my commandments and if you can keep them, you will have life; however, no man on the earth can keep my laws because laws represent MY STANDARDS and you, mankind, cannot keep my standards; therefore, you cannot be saved by the works of the law. So, the law will bring death for mankind.

That makes sense, because scripture says man cannot be saved by law, but by FAITH. FAITH in what? Faith in WHO? Since mankind cannot keep the law and law brings life if you obey it and death if you disobey it, God had to do it all HIMSELF. So, He sends HIS OWN SON, Jesus, in HUMAN FLESH, to live the law perfectly, which will bring life. But, since the promise to Abraham was to his Seed Jesus that He Would be Blessed throughout all Eternity (BASICALLY HAVE ETERNAL LIFE AND BE LIKE GOD 1 JOHN 3) man had to pay for his sin penalty, Jesus had to inherit the promise, and we had to partake in the promise also BY FAITH.

Jesus, who lived the law perfectly which brings life, TOOK OUR PENALTY OF DEATH, because violation of the law requires death, the shedding of blood… and in exchange, HE GAVE US HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. NOT ONLY THAT, HE TOOK OUR SICKNESS AND DISEASE AND GAVE US HIS HEALING. AND GAVE US EVERY SPIRITUAL BLESSING. Now, by Faith, as scripture states, we are recipients of the promise, because when we believe what Christ has done for us, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, God’s Holy Spirit, UNITES WITH OUR SPIRITS AND WE BECOME ONE WITH GOD THEREBY MAKING EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US THE SEED OF ABRAHAM.

We are now the heirs of promise, the heirs of God, the joint heirs of Christ. God has done it all for us. God the Father issued the Promise. God the Son sealed the Promise with His Blood. God the Holy Spirit unites us with God making us One with Him. By Faith, we receive these blessings.

This is the Grace of God that is extended to every single person on this planet. It does not matter what you have done in your life. IT DOES NOT MATTER. THE BLOOD OF JESUS HAS MADE ATONEMENT FOR YOUR SIN. Your sin has been forgiven and the nature of sin has been broken. The risen Christ is now risen in You. BELIEVE IT.

The Grace of God has redeemed you from the curse of the law and empowers you to live the life that God has called you to live. That is the truth that the enemy has stolen and tries to steal from you every single second of the day. You are blessed. You are blessed before you even know HIM. He lavishes His blessing on this world even on unbelievers.

For God so loved the world that He have His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him will not perish but will have ever lasting life. He died for you, and has saved you.

If you don’t believe what he has done, you cannot inherit eternal life. If you do not believe what He has done IN CHRIST JESUS, you will stand before God, but it will be before the Great White Throne Judgement when God throws satan into the lake of fire. It will be at that time that God will tell you why you cannot inherit eternal life. He will not tell you it is because you were this kind of person or that kind of person in your life. He will not tell you that you will not inherit eternal life because you did this wrong or that wrong. He will tell you that you will not inherit eternal life because you did not believe on the name of His beloved Son, Jesus, and what He has done for you on the Cross.

Horribly, because of unbelief, there are those who will face the same doom that satan will face in the eternal lake of fire, eternally separated from the love of God. The problem with with religion is that it is too busy trying to clean you up rather than telling you how much God loves you. God’s Holy Spirit will clean you up. That is His job. There are plenty of church folks that think they are spotless, that need to be cleaned up. And, they are spotless in the eyes of God, but they have no business pointing out your spots or my spots. Everybody’s got spots. There is this thing called sanctification. It is the process of “cleaning you up” that takes place over the whole course of your natural life. It is a working process.

But, your JUSTIFICATION, IS A SEALED DEAL. BECAUSE OF WHAT JESUS HAS DONE, YOU CAN STAND BEFORE GOD AS IF YOU HAVE NEVER SINNED BEFORE. JUST-IF-I’D NEVER SINNED BEFORE. THAT IS WHAT THE BLOOD OF JESUS HAS DONE. Then the process of working all the garbage out begins. He meets you where you are. He is already there, right now. He has forgiven you of your sins. It is that simple.

The Gospel message is that simple. God did not create you to hurt you or punish you. He is not mad at you. He is not trying to teach you a lesson. He created you to lavish you with His love. He created you to love you. The nature of God is to Love For God is love. Someone who loves, wants to be loved in return. That is the purpose of all of this, and the purpose of you and of me… to love and be loved by God. There are no stipulations… ONLY FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS. Only Believe.

HOWEVER… YOUR FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS… THE GRACE OF GOD… WILL LEAD YOU INTO A LIFE THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE THAT YOU ARE LIVING NOW. FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS CAUSES GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT TO UNITE WITH YOUR SPIRIT. That means that the Sinless God of Heaven has united with you. You now have the Mind of Christ. Your Spirit has been sealed and is now just as it will be throughout all eternity. But, your soul and body will not be redeemed until we see Jesus face to face. That means that you must renew your soul, your mind.

Therefore, you should be renewing your mind to who you are in Your Spirit, and that is the Mind of Christ. This will transform you into the Image of Christ and this will create a Natural Holiness in you that cannot be created by works. Your mind is transformed by the WORD. You read who you are in the BIBLE. You will not be transformed overnight in your flesh, but it is something that you will see naturally happen throughout your natural life as you grow in the knowledge of HIM. When you make the decision to make Jesus the LORD of your life, your sinful nature is buried with Christ and You are Reborn, Christ is Risen in you.

Remember the whole promise to Abraham and His seed (Jesus)? When You believe, You become the Seed, too? Christ rises in you. That is a powerful revelation that many many people of God do not understand. However, your flesh will continue to war with your Spirit, they are at war with one another. They will always be at war with one another until our Spirit, Soul and Body are fully redeemed. Right now, at the point of Salvation, only your Spirit is fully redeemed. So, in a nutshell… salvation is free… it is a free gift of God… and that salvation makes you a new person, transforming you into the image of Christ Jesus. ONLY GOD COULD COME UP WITH THIS PLAN FOR ME AND YOU.

You must be diligent in developing your relationship with Him. If you will draw close to Him, He will draw close to you.


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