Galatians chapter 3 is probably one of the most important chapters in the Bible. It explains exactly how the Covenant Promise with Abraham and his seed is fulfilled in Christ Jesus and we being baptized into Christ Jesus are united with Him making us the seed of Abraham, too. There is no mediator of this covenant because God does not need a mediator. The covenant is between God and Jesus and when we are baptized into Jesus, then we become partakers of the Promise. It is not by works. It is not by law. It is by the Promise of God. Our Covenant relationship with God in Christ Jesus is the most important thing to know other than the Cross of Christ Jesus because it is the Cross of Christ Jesus that makes us partakers of the Covenant Promise. The promise brings us salvation (forgiveness of our sins, healing, deliverance, prosperity). Jesus took all of our sin, sickness and disease into his body on the cross and gave us his healing, his righteousness, his glory. That is the exchange. That is what makes us justified before the Throne of God. The Book of Ruth is a clear type of this. The Book of Hosea is a clear type of this. This is the truth the enemy has stolen from the church. This is the power of the Gospel. The Blood of Jesus is the POWER behind this Mighty Covenant.


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