My Faith IS…

Religion has turned faith into some impossible work that we must do to get God to move. Faith is a lifestyle. Faith is living the life that God has given us IN Christ. It is trusting in HIM regardless of circumstance or situation. Faith is the core element of our relationship that is activated and given power by GOD’S Grace. We focus on Him, We magnify Him, We trust Him, We Praise Him. We look at God the way Jesus looks at God… as FATHER, because it is Jesus living in Us and Through Us right now. That is not an figure of speech. That is a literal fact. That is what the CROSS has done. We are not working to manipulate God into doing what he has freely given us. We are living the life that Jesus lived BY FAITH in His complete work. We are God’s Temple. God’s Holy Spirit permanently and eternally lives in US. That makes us full recipients of everything that belongs to God because God has built HIMSELF INTO US. What manner of love is this that WE ARE CALLED CHILDREN OF GOD.


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