God Loves YOU

It is so important that we know just how much God loves us. God is not mad at us. God didn’t come to condemn the world but to save it. He isn’t looking to punish you. He did that in the body of Christ Jesus. Jesus became sin for me and you so that we could become His righteousness. When Christ was born, scripture reads Peace on earth, Good will to men. God is no longer at war with men. God loves us. It is right now in the eyes of God as if the law had never been given. Sin has been eliminated in the eyes of God. God loves us. All we have to do is receive it. It doesn’t matter who or what, God loves you. You see, he created you, but that wasn’t enough for Him to make you worship him. He could have created us and forced us to worship him. But He didn’t. He created us, judged us, passed sentence on us, then died for us. When He died, he became THE WORTHY LAMB OF GOD worthy of our praise, worthy of our worship, worthy of our love, because HE FIRST LOVED US. And on top of that, we are saved and in HIM we have all of our needs met according to His riches. His riches never deplete. God is the sustainer of all things, he is the source of all things, all thing are held together in Him and by Him and For Him. So, if that is the case, there is not one need that I have that He has not already met. What manner of love. God loves us so much. All he wants to for us to just let him love us and to love him back. He don’t need it to exist, but he wants it. He died for it, for me, for you… to love us, to show us his great love and mercy. Just say yes Lord, be the Lord of my life. Make me a new creation. Save me by you marvelous grace. Come into my heart. He is faithful and He loves us all.


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