God In Me

Just what does “God in Me” mean? When I say “God in Me” am I referring to what some may think is blasphemy by suggesting that I am some kind of God? When I perceive that God is in Me, just what exactly am I thinking. First of all, without God, I am dust; I am nothing. With God in my life, I am a Child of God; I am an heir of God; I am a co-heir with Jesus Christ; Jesus is my brother. He has shared His total inheritance with me. But how do I obtain this inheritance? I do I draw these things of the Spirit into this natural life?

The answer to all of these questions is very simple. When Jesus Christ died on the Cross and was raised from the dead, He did something that most people today do not realize or understand. He forgave the World. The death and resurrection of Jesus has brought forgiveness to the world. The world is forgiven and has been forgiven for 2000 years. All sin has been forgiven. In God’s eyes, because He is looking through the Blood of Jesus, sin has been eliminated. People do not go to hell for homosexuality, adultery, drunkeness, etc. People will be cast away from God because they simply do not believe or accept the free gift of salvation that has been given by the shed blood of Jesus. He has made the way for all things to be made new. We are forgiven. Everyone on planet earth right now and for the last 2000 years are and have been forgiven. Sin is not imputed to man. There is nothing that we can do to earn any favor from God. We have already received the full favor of God in Christ Jesus and the sending of His Holy Spirit.

When we realize that we are sinners in the need of a savior and we confess that we are such and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, by faith, the old sinful nature that leads to sin dies and is buried. What is raised to newness in life in the believer is the Holy Spirit of God which has become united as one with our Spirit. We are sealed by the Holy Spirit of God; we now have the mind of Christ; we are now imitators of God; we are now Holy in our Spirit.

Because the Holy Spirit of God is the third person of the triune Godhead and is God Himself for the scripture states that God is the Spirit, and He now lives in me as I am now and have always been created to be the temple of the Holy Spirit of God, I am now the Child of God. Because the Spirit of God that is in me is God Himself, and because He has received all authority on earth and in heaven and because he must receive the full benefit of his inheritance, because He is in me, I must automatically benefit from his inheritance because for him to receive it, it must come through me, as He now has taken up a permanent residence in me. I draw on these things of the Spirit and bring into the natural realm by praying in the Spirit. When I pray in the Spirit, I am praying with the language of God and He is communicating with me Spirit to Spirit when I pray in the Spirit, I draw all things things of God into the flesh that are the benefits of being a son of God. When I pray in the Spirit, I am praying with the mind of Christ that is in me. With this, comes revelation of the word and revelation of who I am in Christ Jesus.



4 thoughts on “God In Me

  1. Wow!!What manner of love is this?Love that loved you first?Love that loves you more?Love that gave all it has? Love that will reveal all it knows? Love that will never end?Yes, that love found me too.Yes, His name is Christ!

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