The Still, Small Voice

I have never heard God speak audibly. I know that I have heard people say they have heard God speak audibly, but I have not. If I heard God speak audibly, I am not sure what would happen. Of course, it would change me even more. I would probably tremble. But, I know that the Holy Spirit has spoken to me so vividly that it can be just like talking to a person setting next to you. That is from where the revelation comes. He does reveal himself and He does talk to you. The key is to listen. When you read the word, don’t just fly through it like we do most of the time. Take your time. Read a few words, think about them. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the word, and as you begin to think on these things, in silence, the Holy Spirit will begin to speak to you and you WILL KNOW that it is the Spirit of God who is speaking with you.

If you want to read something that will give you a powerful revelation, get the Andrew Wommack STUDY GUIDE on the Spirit, Soul, and Body. Get in a quite place, and read one or two lessons a day. Take your time. Read it slowly. Pause and consider what you are reading, and I promise you, God’s Holy Spirit will open up a wealth of revelation that will change you forever. (Of course, I am no presuming to tell you how to study. We all study differently, but being that we are discussing the audible voice of God, I feel this is within an acceptable scope of the discussion. I hope you do, too.)

HOWEVER, even though I have never heard God speak audibly, I would love to tell about the first week of September of 2011 when I experienced the presence of the Lord Jesus standing with me in my living room. It is the only time that I have ever experienced such a visitation and it is unlike anything that I have ever experienced before. It only lasted for about a minute, maybe a little longer, but it wasn’t long at all. There was a powerful anointing on me for about the whole week. It was like I was plugged into a wall socket and power was flowing through me. I was walking around my house electrified and the Holy Spirit was preaching powerful revelation to me, through me, and I was seeing visions. I know this all may sound strange, but this is the true account of Jesus showing himself to me.

Now, don’t misunderstand, I didn’t see Jesus like an apparition or like I would a natural person standing with me. If I had, I would probably have accounted it as a familiar spirit, especially if the anointing had not been there. I was standing in my living room and I was praying in the Spirit, my hands were lifted, and the anointing was there, unlike I have ever experienced. Suddenly, in my minds eye, and physically, I could feel a powerful presence standing next to me. My eyes were closed, but suddenly, just to my right, in my minds eye, I could see the Master standing there. I just stood in his presence. He was so real to me, that I had to open my eyes and literally look to my right to see if he was really standing there, but I didn’t see him with my natural eye. But, in my Spirit, I could see him standing there. His presence was so powerful that all the evil things that I had done in my life were no longer in my memory. I could concentrate on nothing but Him. I felt nothing, but Him.

My sins, my past, those terrible things that had me bound for so many many years, no longer were in the equation. It was like I had never done anything wrong in my life. It is the most powerful presence. Then, the presence of the Lord was gone. The anointing was still there, but the person of Jesus that I know was He was not there any longer. I fell to my face and cried and cried with a loud wail. It was uncontrollable. I couldn’t stop it.

The anointing was so powerful during that week that every now and again… and this is funny, I would have to let out this yell. Have you ever watched the wrestling? My grandmother loved the wrestling. I, personally, don’t care for it, but if you know what I am talking about, there is an old wrestler named Rick Flair. Rick Flair has this yell about him. He comes out and goes, “WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” LOL. I know. I go from talking about the presence of Jesus to Rick Flair… how? Anyway, that kind of Whoaaaaaaaaaa is the kind of yell that was coming out of me. My neighbor came up to me and said, “I thought your room was sound proof.”  I said, my back room is sound proof. She said, “Well, I was outside the other day, and all of a sudden I heard this Whoaaaaaaaaa. I stopped and looked around and then I realized it was coming from your house. Do you play video games or something.” I laughed. I said, “No. That is me praying. Sorry. Sometimes the Holy Spirit gets a hold of me and I shout, so if you hear that and you need prayer, that is great time to come over.” LOL.

I could probably write a book on that experience and all the revelation that I received. He showed me so many things about how the enemy operates, but he mainly let me physically feel a powerful anointing, an unstoppable anointing, the type of anointing that I perceive that Peter had after the Holy Spirit fell upon them and he began to preach and 3,000 were saved. We must be hungry for him. We must forget everything that religion has taught us and find out, by relationship and intimacy with him, the truth.

He is an awesome God. He loves us so much. I don’t tell many about that experience, but I suddenly felt like I should share it. There are more details about the experience that I have not shared here, but that is the crux of it. I hope that you have had the same type of experience, and if so, I would love to hear about it.


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