What Does It Mean to Walk After the Spirit and Not After The Flesh?

To walk in the Spirit and not after the flesh is to truly recognize and perceive who you are in Christ Jesus. When you walk after the things of the Spirit such as love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faith, long suffereing, you are being led by the Spirit of God that has taken up permanent residence in you, because you do not chase after these things when you are in the flesh. The flesh is corrupt and it wars against the things of the Spirit. The flesh does not know the things of the Spirit, and this is how the enemy attacks us with lies and symptoms. He uses our senses against us, but we must stand firm in our Faith, because our Faith is the Holy Spirit, and it is by grace through faith that we are saved. 

If we are walking after the things of the flesh, the we are walking after the things that lust in the the flesh, the things that are selfish and self-centered. The things that are “I” or “ME” focused. But we cannot be led by those things because that man died and was buried and a new man was raised a new in Christ Jesus. See to be baptized into the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus means that I, William Dale, no longer exist, but Christ Jesus lives through me. This is what we must live the rest of our days in this natural body renewing our mind to. To the degree that we can believe that it is Christ Jesus living through us by the power of His Holy Spirit and His Shed blood, will be the degree to which we experience Jesus in the flesh.

This is what draws that fine line between the works of the flesh and the works of the Spirit. Sometimes, we can get so caught up in the activities of our daily lives that the enemy sneaks in an attack, and we start doing the things that we know we shouldn’t be doing, even though we want to do that which is right. Most of the time, the Spirit will intervene and our minds that have become renewed to who we are in Christ Jesus will not allow the flesh to win. But, if we get so caught up in our own lives and ourselves, the enemy can sneak in an attack and it catches us off guard and we submit. We all do it. Sometimes, that little slip up can lead us into a habitual act of sin. Even though this has not impact on our salvation, it can impact our relationship with the Holy Spirit, because it then comes to the point where we can ignore the Holy Spirit as he is convicting, not condemning, us to repentance and back into Holiness, and not a holiness as an act of our own, but the holiness that only the Lord God Himself, in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, by his shed blood, and the power of His Holy Spirit can produce in us.

We in ourselves cannot produce anything good. Before we were saved, some of us may have been good people, and some of us may have been a menace to society, but one thing is for certain, in God’s eyes, we were all spiritually separated from him and our spirits were dead, so we could not produce anything that was good, even though it may have appeared good for some in the flesh. But when we became united with God in Christ Jesus in our Spirits, then he began a work in us. He met us right where we were. We did not change overnight. God is long suffering, and he had to do a work on us and he will always be doing a work on us until we are glorified not only in our spirit but also in our flesh and our souls.

For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, but God loved this world, he loved me and you so much that HE have HIS only begotten SON that WHOSOEVER believes in HIM will not perish, but will have everlasting life. He is always working on me. This week I may see something new manifest in and through me; something new that is Jesus, and then the next week something different. But it is a never ending work of the Holy Spirit to lead and direct us. That is why we must constantly stay focused on Him in the Spirit no matter what we are doing, not matter where we are, because He is standing on the ready to give us that which he has already provided for us on the cross. He is just waiting for us to perceive in our minds that it is already ours and He is waiting for us to just reach out and take it. We cannot come to these revelations in the flesh, but only in the Spirit. Do not think; however, that He does not work on you when you are led by the flesh. That is the main office of the Holy Spirit: to lead and direct you and to keep you from all unrighteousness. What a mighty God we serve.


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