Quote by Caron Majors, Charis Bible College, Basics of Righteousness, 2013

“We overcome the flesh by discovering who we are in Jesus.  Our actions are the result of the way we see ourselves.  We must see our spirits as they are – identical to our Lord Jesus and as righteous as He is.  God loves me as much as He loves Jesus.  Our spirit is complete in Christ.  We just respond to our life – walk in the Spirit – based on what God has already done.  We can’t earn God’s favor.  We just walk into His favor” (Caron Majors, Basics of Righteousness, Charis Bible College, 2013).

Caron Majors, You summed up the Who We are in Christ Jesus in three lines. Now that is a Woman of God who knows who she is in Christ Jesus. Isn’t’ it awesome, but isn’t it so radical, but isn’t it the truth. We must see ourselves the way God sees us now. We must bring ourselves to a perception, by renewing our minds to the Word of God, because the Word was with God in the beginning and the Word WAS God. So, as we renew ourselves to His Mighty Word, and we consume ourselves with the Word and really BELIEVE THE WORD, JUST FLAT OUT BELIEVE IT AND LIVE IT, WITHOUT DOUBT, THEN WE WILL START TO SEE THE SIGNS AND WONDERS AND WE WILL SEE THE WORKS OF JESUS AND EVEN GREATER WORKS BECAUSE HE IS WITH THE FATHER. And not because we have done something to be able to trigger such a work of the Spirit. We have just simply believed, ONLY BELIEVE. WE have but one work and that is to Believe. That is what Jesus said.

Can you image Jesus renewing HIS mind to the FACT THAT HE WAS THE SON OF GOD. GOD DIDN’T JUST SEND HIM A TEXT MESSAGE OR EMAIL OR GIVE HIM A CALL. Jesus had to come to the revelation, he had to renew his mind, he had to have the same type of relationship that we must have with the Father to receive the revelation that HE received, so that we too can receive by revelation, who we are in Christ Jesus. Jesus was the Son of God and his mind was renewed to that. We are sons and daughters of God and our minds must also become renewed to that. That is SO POWERFUL. LORD RENEW OUR MINDS RIGHT NOW TO THE ONE SINGLE FACT THAT YOU ARE IN US AND WE ARE IN YOU AND TOGETHER WE ARE ROOTED IN THE FATHER AND BECAUSE WE ARE ROOTED IN THE FATHER, THEN WE CAN BECOME FRUIT BEARERS, NOT BY ANY WORK OF OUR OWN, BUT BECAUSE IT IS YOU LIVING THROUGH US. Powerful.


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