God loves me regardless of all the mess in my life. The great plan of God for the ages is a plan that no human mind could come up with. What God the Father has done through God the Son by means of God the Holy Spirit; what God has done for us on the Cross is something that even the movies cannot explain because it cannot understand it. Even church folk will live their whole lives and never really know the Revelation of the Holy Spirit. We must perceive who we are in Christ Jesus. We must perceive that God is a Holy God and that he can have nothing to do with anything that is not Holy. So, in order for a Holy God to take up residence in m and you, sinners, he had to atone for sin once and for all. And, since God is a Spirit, then it is our spirit that has been made perfect. It is because of the Blood of Jesus that was sprinkled on the Holy Of Holies in heaven that made it possible for the Holy Spirit to take up permanent residence in me. This is radical truth that the early church knew and walked in. This is the same radical truth that the church is coming back to because the Holy Spirit of God is bringing this revelation back. The Revelation of the Cross and The Revelation of the Holy Spirit are the two elementary doctrines of the bible by which our every step of every day are led. If we don’t understand who we are in Christ Jesus then we will live a defeated life. We may be saved, but we may not be victorious. This is the truth that the enemy does not want the church to know. But, that day is over.

You Spirit cannot sin because at the point of your salvation, your spirit became united with God’s Holy Spirit – one to the exclusion of the other. That means that he took your old sinful spirit and replaced it with His perfect Spirit making you now a race that never existed before, a race that belongs to the Kingdom of God and Family of God. Only one third of you is perfect though. You soul and body are not redeemed yet. They will not be redeemed until Christ returns, but your Spirit right now is just like it will be throughout all eternity: wall to all Holy Ghost. You are the temple of GOD. Stop. Meditate on that.

(If anyone wants scripture, just ask. Sometimes I fail to cite my scripture, but I can prove it all by scripture, and it is powerful.)


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