I love lessons like this because you can just write and write and write and just never run out of things to say, especially on this topic. And I will discuss something here that can cause great conflict in churches and it even got Jesus killed. I preach on this have not one problem saying it, because if someone has difficulty understanding this most basic concept of who we are in Christ Jesus, they don’t quite got it yet. It is powerful

So we know that at the point of our salvation, our spirit unites with God’s Holy Spirit and we now really just now have one spirit because he has replaced our dead spirit with the Spirit of Jesus. Now, our spirits become sealed. We become sealed and are filled with the Holy Ghost as earnest for the day of redemption because it is only right now that I am one third redeemed. My body has not been redeemed and will not be fully redeemed until we see the Lord at the resurrection.

Now that our spirit has been united with his spirit giving us one spirit, the HOLY SPIRIT, and I have full understanding of that, then I must renew my mind to the word of God. I have to do this because there is nothing that is within my flesh that I can draw from to know who I am in the Spirit. I will never know who I am if I don’t find out and I will never know the authority and the power that is in me unless someone tell me and I learn to allow that power and authority to just work through me.

Because now, I am a fruit bearer of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, gentleness, self control because I am not working out of my flesh, I am working out of my spirit. Jesus said he was the vine and we are the branches and we are rooted in God. So, it cannot be our flesh working the fruits of the spirit because they don’t know the works of the spirit, but when we renew our minds to who we are in our spirits, then we can start pulling that life spirit into physical world.

And we have NOW FAITH as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen because we are working WITH THE FAITH OF GOD so that when I say unto the mountain be cast into the sea and do not doubt, then I will have what I say, because it is not I who is saying it but it is the Spirit of God that is in me saying it, because I NOW HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST, AND I AM NOW AN IMITATOR OF GOD, not because I am just trying to work my way into something, but because when I see that it is GOD in me, then I know that I am a full fledge member of the Kingdom of God and that gives me the god name, not the god complex, because Jesus is our GOD in a company of gods. The difference in Elohim here and elohim in regards to us is the capital letter e. Elohim is God the Father, creator. Deity. elohim in regards to me and you is that we are ambassadors of God, workers working with the power and authority of God by delegation from the Lord Jesus Christ by the Power of his Holy Spirit. We, who are saints of God, know we are not talking about some god complex. That is silly. We are talking about the day when the Lord shall step out into the clouds and call home God’s Children, and the dead in Christ shall rise first and then those who remain shall rise to forever be with him and WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM, FOR WE SHALL SEE HIM AS HE IS. We, shall be like God. That is the free gift that he has given us by his blood.

Now, if you don’t feel fired up to go raise the dead, then you might need to check for a pulse. 🙂 Praise the Lord.



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