My Prayer

My Precious Heavenly Father, create in me the purest of hearts. Take what is nothing and use it to be something in Your Kingdom. As Isaiah said in Isaiah 6, "Here I am Lord, Send Me." You have not allowed me to survive my past to sit by idle. I know you have been preparing me for kingdom work. Give me the strength to receive and courage to move into that anointing. Continue to give me Divine Revelation of who YOU are and WHAT You have done for me. Continue to allow your Holy Spirit to impart wisdom, knowledge, comprehension and understanding in all that I do. For, there is no other purpose I have in this world but to be in complete surrender and service to you. I have my precious Me-Maw and My the Greatest Dad in the world, and I know that my purpose now is to serve Me-Maw, and others as best I can, and I give you the praise and Glory for that opportunity. Continue To teach and instruct me in YOUR WAYS, of Lord… In the Precious Name of Jesus.


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