Christ, The Anointed One

CHRIST in the Greek is the ANOINTED ONE. The anointing is when the Holy Spirit, God’s Holy Spirit moves out of you and moves upon you, and empowers you with the Power of GOD. That is the anointing. The Holy spirit is always in you, you are the temple of God, but the Anointing is the POWER OF GOD and His PRESENCE as He moves from within you and then upon you… HE doesn’t come out of the walls or the air… HE is working from within you… that is the anointing. You are the vessel. God the Father is working through God the SON, JESUS CHRIST, the Anointed ONE, by means of the Holy Spirit, in you…So when the anointing comes upon you, it is actually the power of GOD HIMSELF using you as His vessel but you must use your Faith and your Words…


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