Lover of My Soul

You are indescribable. You are incomprehensible. The world has made you almost mythological, fake. But the world doesn’t know you, because it doesn’t want you. But, You Oh, Lord, I cannot do without. Your love pierces my heart and my soul and causes me to fall deeper and deeper in love with you. Your revelation knowledge of who you are, your presence, and your power…. How is are you, Oh,, GOD. Lord, I praise Thee, I worship Thee. For you oh, Lord are Great. Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord… We live our lives and most of the time block you out of the way not realizing that you are the executive through whom everything should be worked. We have become so puffed up with who we think we are or what we thing we are. But, without your precious Cross, and without you Precious Holy Spirit, we can do nothing in ourselves. It is your inheritance that you have shared with us as heirs and coheirs. Being adopted into the great family of God. How awesome is the Lord….


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