We are to do but one thing, and that is to live our lives in accordance with His word so that we may be the living example to his mighty power. We must look for and ask for opportunities every morning to be used as His vessels TO SHARE THE GOSPEL so that He may be glorified through us. We must thank Him always for everything. For when we thank Him, we receive that which He has and is giving us. Just like when you say thank you to someone who gives you something, you don’t receive it until you say thank you, most of the time. We thank him for his goodness, We praise Him for His Greatness, and we Praise Him for His Holiness. We take every moment and live it as He would live it. That is our Greatest call, for it is He who lives in us. We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit of God. The Father is active through the Son by means of the Spirit through US. When we realize and perceive that, then we can understand that the power that was exercised in the Book of Acts is the same power that we can exercise now. But the world has blindsided us, and keeps our focus away from the power that is within us. You see, the devil is powerless against us. He has not authority. That was stricken from him at the Cross. Now he deceives us and causes us to use our own POWER against ourselves. There is great depth what I just wrote, and I dare not go there, but know that the power that raised Jesus from the dead, the Power that took God the Son and formed Him in the Womb of Mary who gave birth the Savior of the World, the Lamb of God, is the same power that resides in me in you. It is time stand boldly and use the power which he shed his blood to provide eternal salvation. Yes, there is more for us to do, but doing it one thing at a time is how we do it. We can’t do it all at once. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, because for you and me, THE CROSS IS THE POWER OF GOD AND IT IS IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS THAT WE DECREE AND DECLARE HIS GREAT PROMISES.


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