It has been a Merry Merry Christmas, all around. I have been to Sister’s, to Michael’s, and spent Christmas with my church family, and it has been wonderful. 2011 has really been the best year of my life, and I give the Glory to He Who sits on the Throne. Christmas with my family, and any time that I spend with my family, is wonderful. We are so close, and that is something that I cherish, because I know so many who do not have that. I am grateful to the Lord for that. The prayers of My Precious Mother being answered, even after so many years since her death, are proof that God does hear our prayers, and since we know that he hears us, we know that He will answer. A friend of mine posted on her Facebook wall the other day that He does answer, but not always in our time, but His time. I can accept that, I receive that. We thank the Lord for His long-suffering. Praise the Lord for being long-suffering with His Children. The joy of the season has brought so many children happiness, and some have been showered with gifts, but there are so many in this world who do not have that. But we know that God has purpose, and we must trust that His purpose be revealed in all our circumstances, good and bad. However, the reason for the season is Jesus. How awesome it is to know that our Great God and Savior loved us enough to come to this world and gave His life for us, even while we were still sinners. How awesome is that. It is today that we celebrate the birth of our Great Lord and Savior. For He was with the Father in the beginning. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God, and the Word became flesh, and His name is Jesus. The Love of God is incomprehensible. Who can understand this love, but the Holy Spirit of God who lives in us. He has revealed even the deep things of God to us. How awesome is our Lord. We think of How the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead, but think of this. In eternity past, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit were deciding how to bring redemption to mankind. God the Father asked God the Son if He would Go Himself, in the form of sinful Flesh, and give His life for the redemption of man. God the Son said yes, but only  if God the Holy Spirit would go with Him. God the Holy Spirit said yes, and so God the Holy Spirit took God the Son and formed Him in the womb of Mary, and she gave Birth to the Christ Child, the Savior that took away the sins of the world. How awesome are we to be so loved by the Living God.


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