Power In The Blood of Jesus

Do you believe that God has the power to change a man? I hope you do. If you do not believe that the shed Blood of Jesus has the power to redeem a man from any and all past, present, and future sins, then there is no hope for anyone. How do you look at sin? Do you look at sins as being either great sins or small sins. What if I said that all sins are the same regardless of what the sin is. Let’s take for example a giant sheet of glass and that glass represents the perfect life, it has no flaws, no cracks. Lets say that a person tells a little white lie or that a person is a raging drug addict or is an alcoholic or lives in immorality or is guilty of immorality in the past. Let us say that if each one of those sins were represented by a little pebble or a giant boulder and that little pebble or giant boulder was thrown at that perfect sheet of glass with no flaws or cracks, what would happen? The little pebble would crack to perfect sheet of glass and that boulder would shatter that piece of glass. Regardless, the perfect sheet of glass would no longer be perfect. It would be broken. So it is with sin. There is no sin greater than another. That is why we must look at each other in love and not in condemnation. We must not say of one person, oh, their sin is abominable, but overlook your sin. That is self-righteousness. All sin is sin. There are no levels of sin. The only sin that leads to eternal separation from God is unbelief. This example of sin is where the church fails and fails critically today. They are too busy looking at others people lives and judging them, when they themselves are living just as sinful lives as the next. We can never know the depth of the forgiveness that was freely given to us by the shed blood of Jesus. Some of us who have lived in great sin, know how deep it can go, but there are others who live in even deeper sin that know how much more deeply God’s mercy and grace go. We must learn to look at each other in love. Looking at this person or that person and pointing out their flaws leaves four fingers pointing back at yourself. Yes, I am guilty. I couldn’t write this if I were not guilty. Lord, Forgive me. Create in me the purest Heart. Let your Love radiate from me. Beloved, let us love one another for love is of God and everyone who loves is born of God and Loves God. He that does not love, does not know God, for God is love. I was told a story the other night of how a black woman went into a white Baptist church and after the service, that black woman was told to please not return, because she was black. Do you think that the Spirit of God was in that place. NO. What kind of Christian life and example is this. It isn’t. It is demonic. You have saved us from ourselves by your work on the cross and the infilling of your Holy Spirit. Do not let us fall victim to the deceit and lies of the principalities and powers of this present darkness, for they have no authority over us. We are more than Conquerors, we are Victorious by the Blood of the Lamb, the Lamb of God that has taken away the sins of the world. Do you believe that God has the power to change a man? If you don’t think that God has the power to change a man from every type of sin, then you may as well give up on yourself for the great hope of the appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will not happen for there will be none for Him to come back to receive unto Himself. Self-Righteousness is the opposite of long-suffering. Long-suffering is a fruit of the Spirit. Self-Righteousness is vanity and arrogance and leads to deception and false doctrine.


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