Only You are Holy, Oh, Lord…. Savior…. Master

Your mercy and Your grace abound forever, Oh Lord. You alone are able to present us before the Throne, blameless; with joy. We cannot do it, we cannot . There is nothing in us that has got the strength. Nothing in us has the strength. But you said that they who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. Give us the strength to seek you. Give us the strength to call on your name. Give us the strength to be free from the distractions of life and the bondages of our souls. You are so Holy. In your presence, In the Presence of your Holy Spirit, I feel Your power. Your anointing is a consuming fire. It is a mighty wind. Draw us, Oh Lord, unto yourself. Draw us unto Thee. Place the words in my heart so as I approach the Throne of Grace in confidence, I may proclaim Your promises with more than the assurance of knowing that in your all things are possible. There is nothing that is impossible through the Power of your Holy Spirit, all of which is made possible by your shed blood. Oh, the glory of Your Presence… We your temple… give you reverence. So arise, Jesus, to Your rest, Be blessed by our praise, as we Glory in your sweet embrace. As Your mighty presence, Your Holy Presence, fills our hearts, fills our lives.

You alone are the source of the peace that passes all understanding. In your presence do all things become real, the things of the Spirit, and in Your presence is Your Power magnified. The power of the anointing of the Holy Ghost is incomprehensible and cannot be explained. It can only be experienced in Your presence. May you never let me go, OH LORD. Bind me to you and never let me go. I cannot breathe, I cannot move, I cannot live outside of your presence.


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