How Wonderful Life Is:

How often do we think about how wonderful life is. How often do we think about all the wonderful things that we have and how much we are loved and how much we love those whom we cherish. How often to do live our lives on a daily basis taking so many things for granted, not considering what else is going on in the world. How often do we lay our heads down on a nice soft pillow in the cool or warmth of our homes with peace. How often do we look at our loved ones and we thank God for them. How often do we sometimes think of how great we are and how good we are. However, if we can ever really get our eye on the Cross of Jesus and see what happened to Him there, we truly see who we are. Out of all the wonderful and good things that we have in our lives: our families, our friends, our brothers and sisters in Christ, our jobs, our lavish lives… we must realize that what we deserve is not the good things that we have, but that which Jesus suffered for us on the Cross. He was beat and tortured and his precious body was ripped to shreds and His precious blood was shed. That was our penalty… not His. He took it for us so that we don’t have to. Instead he was our substitute so that we can be victorious in Him. Yes, the cross is ours, but We have a Savior who took that Cross for us and in so doing has redeemed us and justified us before the Throne of God as he intercedes for us and we are made righteous by His OWN righteousness. Let us think of this the next time we fuss about having to help someone or do for someone or just simply do the right thing, because if it were not for JESUS, the Cross would be ours.


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