Over the last month, I had all the major bills come due: house insurance, car tag, and then all the regular bills. It took most of my money. I drive a Toyota Scion and I drive a minimum of 2000 miles per month just to get to and from work and I don’t get mileage and I don’t make a large salary. My tires are 170 dollars each. After all the bills were paid, I needed tires, but I couldn’t afford them. I told the Lord that everything was in His hands. He knew my situation. He knew it. I didn’t have to tell him some pitiful story. He knows. I didn’t know how I was going to get those tires. I figured I would just order them and try to charge them and pay them off over the next couple months. The tires couldn’t be found. It took two weeks to get them in. I don’t know how my tires kept rolling. I drove in to the tire shop today to get the tires put on and had two hundred dollars to pay on them. The man put the tires on my car and told me I was good. He didn’t charge me a dime. 170×4=680. Now if you think that I am just writing this as just a simple Praise the Lord, Think again. The Spirit has been all over me all evening and I can’t stop crying because We SERVE THE REAL GOD OF HEAVEN WHO HEARS HIS CHILDREN, AND HE NOT ONLY MEETS THOSE NEEDS OF HIS CHILDREN, BUT HE GOES FAR BEYOND OUR EXPECTATIONS AND HE SHOWS US JUST WHO HE IS AND AND JUST WHAT WE MEAN TO HIM. JESUS IS HIS NAME AND HE IS THE ONE WE SERVE… This message just doesn’t allow me to express the Power of WHAT HE has done in my life today.


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