Easter 2011

How glorious it is to know that our Lord, our Savior and our Great God and King is risen. He is alive. However, one might ask, “how can you be so sure?” I know because of the intimate personal relationship that I have with His Holy Spirit. I know that I know. He is real, and the only way to find out is to develop a personal relationship with Him, by Faith, by what Christ has done for use on the cross. One cannot just say, “I believe” without knowing in whom it is that you believe. Saying that “I believe” and not learning about who it is that you believe, is not believing. I am not speaking about what the world may consider scholarly learning. I am speaking about knowing Him through relationship. Allowing the Holy Spirit to work within a person is that persons way of learning about who the Savior is. The Holy Spirit reveals all truths and through this experience of life, we learn how He cares for us. We learn through our trials and tribulations who He is and just how much He loves us. We sometimes look at disasters and untimely deaths and we may find ourselves asking why? We sometimes wonder how a loving God could allow such tragedy in our lives or in the world. But we must understand that we do not live in a perfect world. We will not live in a perfect world until He returns for us. Until then, we must endure and know that He is in control. I am learning these things myself. However, I know that as I grow spiritually, then my trials and tribulations will be greater. I pray for the strength of God to carry me through; to endure. I pray that He send forth His angels to fight on my behalf. I pray that my faith be increased, greatly. I pray for the peace that passes all understanding. He is the God of our lives whether we believe it or not. He is in control. Thank the God of heaven for His precious Son who gave His life for me, an undeserving sinner. A sinner that deserves nothing more than death. Yet, he cares for me. I thank the Lord Jesus for giving His life for me; for shedding His blood for me. How much He cares for us and the things for which we have been sealed cannot be comprehended by our simple minds. I pray for the souls of my family. I pray for the redemption of those who are lost. I pray for the welfare of old friends and for the salvation for their souls. I pray for the divine protection of He who sets on the throne. Keep me and protect me. Impart wisdom, knowledge, understanding and comprehension. I cannot do it without you, Oh LORD. Amen.


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