Living Every Moment as if our next step is the step that takes us into Eternity

The world is having birth pangs. Everywhere you look and everything you hear is disaster and unrest. There is no country in the Middle East and Northern Africa that is at rest. The world is crying out for someone to come forth to help them. The US is in a state of apostasy. There is nothing left in this world that can happen, but peace. Peace will come, but it will not come until after the church has been snatched away by the Lord Jesus to meet Him in the air. This is the Rapture. The Rapture is about to happen. Anyone who has the Spirit of God dwelling in them, then they know, because the Spirit of God testifies with our Spirit that He is coming. He is coming for His Children. He is coming for the Holy Ones. He is coming to take unto Himself those who simply believe and trust in Him. Oh, What a promise. What a promise. We cannot wait to turn our lives over to him. Those, who are lost, cannot wait another minute before they turn their lives over to God. Jesus has provided unto us the only way of redemption; the only way out of this world of chaos. The Mercy and Grace of God has been provided us by the work that Christ has done for us on the Cross. Because of the Cross, we have been justified before the Throne of God. It is nothing that what we have done, but what HE has done. Turn unto God, today, right now. Confess your sins and ask Him into your heart. Do not waiver. Do not let the devil us any method or lie to trick you. Do not try to justify yourself. Be prepared to put it all down accept the Cross of Christ. There is nothing that this world holds that should keep us from putting all our faith and trust in Him. Turn to the Lord, for He is coming very soon.


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