Signs of the Times

We, as Americans, are going about our daily lives as if there is nothing in the world. The leaders of this country just do no realize that we are facing catastrophic events within this country. No one has labeled the United States as being in ‘World War III,” but that is exactly what is going on. We are in the middle of World War III. Leaders of the the Arab nations are convinced that the end of the world is within three years. That means that those Arabic countries are going to impact the world in such a catastrophic way, that there will be no way for the world to recover in the way that it has known in the past. Evil is taking over the world, completely. The thing that is important for Christians to realize is that the the rapture of the church must occur before these events. Christians will see the signs of the end times, but will not suffer the tribulation period. I believe the rapture is imminent. I believe that Christ could return for His Church any minute. Are we ready? Lord, prepare my heart to receive you. Prepare my heart minute by minute to have you as the head of my life. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, come quickly.


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