I have done a lot of research tonight on current events in regards to Bible Prophesy. My observation over the last several months of the peace talks in Israel has really excited my soul; because, these talks cannot and will not compromise. Neither side, Isaeli nor Palestinian, will waiver. Israel continues to build homes and populate the West Bank and Palestine completely rejects this. However, the bible does state that someone will rise up with a peace treaty that will be acceptable to both sides. That person will be the Anti-Christ. Hillary Clinton and other heads of state from other governments around the world have all tried to negotiate these talks as have many others over the last several decades. During this current period of time, however, the peace talks have escalated to a critical state.  The Anti-Christ WILL rise up, and he will bring peace to the Middle East. For those who have the Spirit of God within them, they can feel this. I rejoice in the fact that I had a praying mother and that I have a praying family and friends and, that I had a Godly foundation to draw from (my childhood and youth iin a Christian Home). I thank God that the Spirit of God has illuminated my understanding through the revelation of the Word of God through the Spirit. However, my heart is burdened and broken. I fear for this world and I fear for those who don’t have a relationship with Christ.

I am sending out this note and will send notes out in the future to say this: There may be circumstances in your life that are overwhelming and there may be things in your life that are causing you to redirect your focus from the Cross of Jesus. There may be things are occurring in your life that the devil may be using to steal your victory. You may be going through a trial or a tribulation that you do not understand, but Paul says to give God praise in everything, because those trials and tribulations are only to strengthen you and help to extend your faith in Him. Know that our hope is in Him, and there is coming a day very soon, when we shall see Him, and we shall see Him face to face, and we shall see Him as He is, and WE WILL BE LIKE HIM. That should make any of us want to shout.

I know that I am not perfect, but my eyes are on Jesus and because of the Cross of Jesus I am justified before God and I am sanctified (set apart) with the saints of God. Some of you may be thinking that I have gone too deep, but I say I can’t go deep enough. I have lived in the cesspool of sin, and I know there is no hope outside of the Cross of Christ. I know there is no hope without Him.

There is a song that says to Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of this earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of his Mercy and Grace. I say to Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Stop looking at the things of this world and know that, SHORTLY, we shall be with Him forever.

I know that I a no longer ruled by the Law of Sin and Death but I am made free by the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:2.


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